Who We Are

Developed as a consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses, the 417 Business Resource Center (417 BRC) serves to fill the growing need in the Four State Area for small business consulting.

We follow the vision of our founder and CEO, Shawn Wininger, who saw the need for a complete business resource center that business owners could turn to for all their consulting needs and made it his mission to make those resources possible.

Too often today, one reads business articles that have been written by, “experts” that call for companies to find a niche and be as specific as possible in the services they offer. This can become frustrating for many business owners as they may need the resources of five or ten different vendors to accomplish their goals. As time progresses, the cost for each vendor begins to multiply, not to mention the time that must be invested to find the right vendor for each individual service. A gap is then formed which widens as the amount of time and money the business owner must commit to increases. Often, the additional time and money are more than what the business owner can afford.

The mission of the 417 BRC is simply bridge that gap. We flip the paradigm and bring vendors and services to the business owner, rather than having the business owner search for vendors and services on their own. We walk alongside them and make their profit our priority, enabling our clients to give more attention to their business, save money and put more of their time and talents into pursuing their true passions. We have developed a winning formula for finding the right vendors. Our selected vendors are people who believe in adding value and passing that value on to our clients.

Contact us today and let us know how we can come alongside you and help you reach your goals.




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